Genuine Buick & GMC Parts & Accessories in St. Johns

The Terra Nova Buick GMC Service Department can handle anything that might be going wrong with your vehicle. However, despite the world-class, expert services we offer, there will always be a large cohort of vehicle owners out there who like to get their hands dirty turning their own wrenches. We have the resources to help those people as well through the Terra Nova Buick GMC Parts Department. Our parts team only stocks and sells the same genuine equipment that our service technicians use every day on the service side. Let’s take a look at some things you might need to know

What Can You Order from the Terra Nova Buick GMC Parts Department?

Our parts department exclusively deals with stocking and selling GM-approved automotive parts, components, and accessories. Your vehicle was designed to perform a certain way using precision-built parts, you should not be leaving anything to chance by using cheaper off-brand aftermarket equipment.

Not many people know this, but using unapproved parts and accessories not only runs the increased risk of failure, but it can also void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Basically, there is really nothing that can’t be ordered from the Terra Nova Buick GMC Parts Department. Some of the most popular things we order include:

  • Oil filters
  • Air Filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel pumps
  • Gaskets

Order GM Powertrain Parts

A vehicle’s powertrain consists of an engine, transmission, and, a transfer case if it’s equipped with four-wheel drive. These parts are what make a car, truck or SUV move down the road. Vehicle owners could be in a position to need to replace one, or all of these systems and they should only be replaced with equipment built and certified by General Motors. 

Advantages of using GM Powertrain Parts:

  • Specifically designed and tested by GM, for GM vehicles
  • Meets the manufacturer’s high standard for quality
  • Equipped with the latest GM technology and enhancements
  • Engineered for specific applications, component combinations and trim grade

Order GM-Approved Accessories in St. John’s

The Buick, GMC or any General Motors vehicle you currently have in your driveway is probably already well-equipped. However, no two vehicle owners are the same and it’s entirely possible that they will have wildly different needs or requirements. Our manufacturing partners have anticipated this and made a nearly endless list of approved aftermarket accessories available to let owners find exactly what they need to make their vehicle perfect. Terra Nova Buick GMC customers can order:

  • Rugged, all-weather floor mats
  • Small-item cargo storage
  • Roof racks
  • Seatback trash cans
  • Seat covers
  • Cargo covers
  • Plus much more

The Terra Nova Buick GMC Parts Department is ready to handle any request you can bring to us. If you’ve been looking for something specific, or have questions about what parts you need to complete your project, make an appointment with one of our parts advisors, today.