Credit Repair Program at Terra Nova Buick GMC

Having a good credit score is crucial to all kinds of things in life. Buying a car is one of those things where having good credit is crucial. However, we understand that good people run into financial problems all the time. Often their credit score is among the first things to suffer. People with money problems still need safe and affordable transportation. The Terra Nova Buick GMC credit repair program was designed to help rebuild their credit profile. Let’s take a closer look at how our credit repair program works for customers.

How Can You Rebuild Your Credit With a Car Loan?

Trying to find an affordable car loan with a less-than-perfect credit score can be difficult but it’s not impossible. When a person with a low credit score obtains a loan, they are taking their first steps back to a strong financial footing. Making consistent on-time payments will improve a credit score and could, eventually, put them into a position to refinance the loan, to make it even more affordable.

Who is Eligible for the Credit Repair Program?

There is a long list of situations that could cause damage to a person’s credit profile. Some of the people who have successfully used the Terra Nova Buick GMC Credit Repair program fall into one, or more, of the following categories:

  • They have no existing credit profile
  • Declared bankruptcy
  • Are still going through the bankruptcy process
  • Previously had reported late car loan payments
  • Been refused by a bank or credit union
  • Voluntarily surrendered a vehicle to avoid repossession
  • Had a trustee settling debts with creditors

How Does Terra Nova Credit Repair Work?

Terra Nova Buick GMC has streamlined its credit repair program down to three very simple steps.

  • Apply online (using the form below) from the privacy of your own home
  • When you’re approved, we’ll guide you toward available options and programs that will rebuild your credit as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll curate a selection of vehicles that you’ll be able to afford based on what you can afford, giving you the best chance to reap all the benefits of this program.

Benefits of the Credit Repair Program

There are a lot of dealerships that offer so-called credit repair loans. However, many of those may lack the real benefits of the program available at Terra Nova Buick GMC. People rebuilding their credit through us will get:

  • A large selection of low-kilometre vehicles, to ensure reliability
  • Industry-leading interest rates
  • Terms lasting between two and seven years
  • Dedicated credit repair specialist

Apply for Credit

We know that dealing with credit can be confusing and intimidating.
Please reach out to one of our credit repair specialists, today, if you have additional questions or concerns.