Why Does Your Vehicle Need Winter Tires?

A car running on a winter terrainThe winter months arrive before you know it, which means you need to swap your summer or all-season tires and install your winter ones early to enjoy the smooth on-road performance, as well as to get optimum safety in challenging road conditions. Despite the much-talked-about importance of winter tires, many drivers believe that they can get through the colder months with their all-season tires on, but that’s not the case when you’re living in St. Johns and nearby areas where we experience harsh winter weather. Snow tires are thoughtfully engineered to have unique properties, helping you drive on snow-covered roads confidently. Read on to learn why your vehicle needs winter tires so that you and everyone around you remain safe during the demanding winter months. 

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Importance of Winter Tires

Compared to summer tires, winter tires have broader groovers and a distinct tread pattern that provides enhanced traction and stability on slippery road surfaces. Moreover, they have a softer rubber compound that delivers maximum flexibility even when the temperature dips to the freezing point. In fact, snow tires seamlessly avoid hydroplaning as they feature deep sipes carved into the tire tread to push water away from threads to improve grip. Winter tires offer three times more protection against slippage than your regular summer or all-season tires, keeping you, everyone aboard and on the road safe from potential accidents. 

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