Winter Safety Driving Tips

a car on a snow-covered road

How to Drive Safely During Winters in Newfoundland and Labrador

With winter comes great responsibility for drivers to ensure maximum on-road safety, as the surface gets challenging and dangerous to drive during cold months. Most drivers, especially new ones, may struggle to get through snowy and slippery roads, which is why the expert technicians at Terra Nova Buick GMC have compiled a list of driving tips that will help you get through the unpredictable winter terrains safely and conveniently. Read on to learn about them below.

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Things to Keep in Mind At the Start of the Season 

Your safe winter driving practice starts before the winter season begins. You have to make sure that your vehicle is prepared ahead of time to get through the winter terrain safely and is able to give optimum performance in all conditions. Preparing your vehicle at the start of the season mainly includes scheduling auto maintenance service, checking your car’s battery and looking for any damage or signs of needed replacement or repair, as well as switching back to winter tires. 

10 Tips for Safe Driving in Winter

The following are some expert-recommended tips that you must follow when hitting the road to have maximum safety on snow-covered winter roads:

  1. Always clear off snow from your windshield, side mirrors, rear camera and roof before leaving your home or workplace to ensure enhanced visibility at all times. 
  2. Make sure to take a look at the driving conditions online in your area to avoid getting stranded on challenging roads. You can check the latest weather and road updates here
  3. While on the road, always drive slowly to leave enough room to stop, as well as to avoid collisions with vehicles moving ahead. 
  4. Do not use cruise control, as the system may fail to respond to emergency braking requirements. 
  5. Avoid quick acceleration, instant gear changes and hard braking, as this may lead to slippage and, consequently, a collision with other vehicles or nearby objects
  6. Never try to overtake or pass snowplows; rather, be mindful of their presence.
  7. Make sure to use all lights (headlamps, fog lights, taillights, DRLs) of your vehicle’s lighting system for enhanced visibility. 
  8. Always defog the inside of the windows and windshield by running the air conditioning system. 
  9. Always keep your windshield winter fluid topped up.
  10. Stay calm and be patient at all times!

For more such safe driving tips, get in touch with the experts at Terra Nova Buick GMC. If you have any questions related to winter maintenance service or want to schedule one, call us at 1-(800)-463-4130, today!