Why Should You Switch to Winter or Snow Tires

Tires rolling on an icy terrain

Why Should You Put On the Winter Tires? 

Every year when the temperature starts to dip, local drivers rush to swap out their summer tires. It’s because summer tires or all-season tires are not as equipped to tackle challenging road conditions during winter, making it important for you to switch to winter or snow tires. Moreover, you need more traction and stability to get through slippery or slushy winter roads, which is why you need sturdy and long-performing winter tires. Swapping in winter tires helps you and everyone around safe on the road as it provides enhanced control over the vehicle on tricky roads. Read more below what the experienced tire change experts at Terra Nova Buick GMC say about changing tires during winter. 

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A Few Reasons That Make Switching to Winter Tires Important 

Almost every Canadian is familiar with the rough winter conditions that make driving through different terrains more difficult, which is why vehicle owners switch to winter tires as soon as the seasons change. 

The following are a few reasons that make changing to winter or snow tires more significant for every car owner: 

  • Winter tires feature a distinct tread pattern and have broader grooves that provide more balance and traction to the vehicle.
  • Winter tires are made with a softer rubber compound that promises more flexibility even when the temperature reaches a below-freezing range. 
  • Most winter tires feature deep sipes, which are slits cut into the tire tread to move water away from the treads, improving grip while preventing hydroplaning. 

Visit the Tire Centre at Terra Nova Buick GMC 

At Terra Nova Buick GMC, we provide quick and easy tire services to eliminate tire change hassles every season. Our team of certified tire change experts ensure a safe and efficient tire change process, which includes keeping in mind the following things: 

  • Finding and installing only the suitable well-engineered set of four winter tires that matches the sturdy and athletic body of your vehicle
  • Carefully monitoring the tire pressure to ensure proper wheel balance and stability 
  • Keeping an eye on the inflation pressure as air tends to contract in freezing temperatures
  • Being mindful of the valve caps to avoid moisture buildup inside the valve 

Book an appointment with our technicians or visit our showroom in St. John’s to learn more about our exclusive tire change services and routine vehicle maintenance tips.