What You Should Do When Your Vehicle Does Not Start in the Cold Weather?

The GMC Terrain on a winter terrainExpert-Recommended Tips to Start Your Car in the Winter

Winter is a bit harsh on vehicles, especially because driving during those cold months has many challenges, and some can even threaten your on-road safety. From driving on a slippery snow-covered road to getting stranded on a highway in the cold, knowing what to do and how to prepare is important for getting through any emergency in such difficult conditions. Out of many problems, a common thing to experience in winter is failing to start your car. To help you deal with this everyday winter day problem, the experts at Terra Nova Motors have come up with some savvy tips to help you start your vehicle in the cold weather without much hassle. Read for yourself below. 

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Vehicle Starting Tips for Winter

There are many factors, including a failing car battery, that can result in your vehicle not starting on winter days. If you’re unable to start your car, don’t worry, as below are some tips that you can use to get your car started without much hassle:

  • Get your car battery tested before the start of the winter season, because when it’s cold outside your car battery tends to lose its charge quickly, especially when it’s not been properly maintained or serviced. Get it checked ahead of time to avoid a delayed response. 
  • Ensure that all the electrical components of your car, like headlights, heater, radio, and interior lights, are switched off so they’re not pulling energy from the battery or the engine. This way, you can save the charge and use it completely to start the car. 
  • In most cases, the battery needs a jumpstart because, as mentioned before, it tends to lose its charge in cold weather. Get yourself jumper cables and park your car near another vehicle to jumpstart your car. 
  • As outside temperatures drop, along with a low amount of gas, condensation can sit in car’s fuel tank and get into the fuel lines. When this happens, it’s possible the water in your vehicle may freeze and prevent gasoline from getting into your engine compartment, causing the vehicle to fail to start. Always ensure you keep your tank at least half full in the winter.

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