What Do Fluid Leaks Look Like Underneath Your Vehicle?

An auto mechanic looking under the hood of a car

What Do Fluid Leaks Look Like?

Are you tired of seeing those awful stains on your driveway or garage floor? Learning more about what fluid is leaking underneath your vehicle will help you determine where it’s coming from, so you can stop it before it completely ruins your garage floor or driveway. While your vehicle may be in good working order and not giving you any problems, it can still be leaking fluids. If you don’t get to the root of the problem and fix the leaking fluid, your vehicle might be in trouble, and something more serious might happen. Below, you’ll learn what leaking fluids look like and where they might be coming from by the colour of the fluid.

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Fluid Leaks by Colour and Where They Might Be Coming From

  • Clear Fluid – If you see a clear fluid leaking underneath your vehicle, it could be one of two things. Either it’s just water, or it’s gasoline, as these are the only clear fluids that can leak from a vehicle. The next step is to smell it in order to determine what it is. Water leaks come from condensation dripping from your vehicle. If you determine that it is gasoline by its odour, make an appointment with a mechanic and get it fixed right away.
  • Brown and Black Fluid – Seeing this colour fluid is a tell-tale sign that your vehicle is leaking oil. We recommend that you see a mechanic right away.
  • Blue Fluid – There is only one liquid in a vehicle that is blue in colour and that is windshield washer fluid. It can sometimes come in different colours, but blue is the most common. While this is not a huge deal, you’ll still want to have it fixed.
  • Yellow, Green, or Pink Fluid – Seeing this colour liquid leaking underneath your vehicle will tell you that you have a coolant leak. This is an important system and should not be ignored.
  • Orange Fluid – Coolant and automatic transmission fluid can be orange and either of these should be cause for concern. Take care of the leak by scheduling an appointment with your local automotive service department.
  • Yellow Fluid – If you spot this colour fluid leaking under your vehicle, do not drive it. Brake fluid is light yellow when it’s new and can get darker with age. This is a leak you’ll want to have looked at right away.
  • Red Fluid – Automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid can be red in colour as both are hydraulic fluids. Leaks in either system are very concerning, and an appointment for service should be made immediately.

If you ever see any fluid leaks underneath your vehicle, you’ll now know what they are. In order to have them fixed and for your vehicle to give you the safety and dependability you want, be sure to have the leak fixed.

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