How To Prep Your Car For Spring

2024 Buick Encore GXAfter a long, challenging winter, your vehicle needs some TLC, especially if you’re getting ready to enjoy the warm spring. Snow, winter salt, and slush can leave their mark on your car, severely affecting its exterior, engine, HVAC system and overall performance. So, just like you prepare your car for winter to get through challenging road and snow conditions safely and easily, there are many maintenance tips you must consider for getting your vehicle spring-ready. This is because the spring conditions are way different from what you have experienced throughout the winter; the roads are dry and warmer, which requires you to make certain adjustments to your car to enjoy great efficiency and ride comfort. Follow along as the expert automobile professionals at Terra Nova Motors take you through some tested spring vehicle maintenance tips to get your Buick and GMC vehicles spring-ready. 

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5 Top Spring Auto Maintenance Tips 

  • Swap out your tires: When the temperature stays around 7° Celsius or above, you should get your winter tires swapped out with all-season or summer tires. Unlike winter tires, all-season/spring tires are designed to perform efficiently on both dry and rainy road surfaces. 
  • Fix alignment issues: Icy ruts, snow-covered curbs, and potholes significantly contribute to wear and tear on your car’s suspension, jolting your wheel alignment out of place during the winter months. So, before you hit the road in spring, get an alignment check on your car by an experienced technician at Terra Nova Motors to get a seamless driving experience. 
  • Thorough cleaning: In winter, your vehicle is exposed to moisture, mud, winter salt, and other grime. This stubborn buildup severely damages the exterior of your car and makes it susceptible to corrosion and rust. Before you take your car on spring roads, clean it thoroughly using a high-pressure sprayer and hoses to remove rigid grime. 
  • Oil change: An oil change at the start of the spring season ensures that all the important systems of your vehicle have clean oil to properly lubricate. 
  • Inspect the air conditioning system: Get your air conditioning system refreshed by replacing/changing air filters, ensuring a proper flow of air, as well as a clean cabin free from dirt and other dust particles. 

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