4 Perfect Winter Accessories for an Easy and Safe Drive

Interior of a car showcasing high-quality floor matsWinter in Canada is a challenging affair, especially when you’re a car owner who needs to take care of a lot of different things on your vehicle when the season rolls around, including taking up your car for winter auto maintenance, swapping to snow tires, inspecting the car battery and filling up windshield winter fluid. One thing that many vehicle owners often ignore is getting additional car winter accessories that can improve the driving comfort and overall performance of your vehicle. Follow along to learn about the top five winter accessories recommended by the knowledgeable product specialists at Terra Nova Motors that you should consider adding to your vehicle this winter. 

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Top 4 Winter Accessories to Buy this Winter

  • Floor mats and cargo liners: they help to keep off debris, winter salt, snow and dirt from your car’s interior. We recommend all-season or waterproof mats best, as they work efficiently to prevent your car floors from absorbing moisture, slush or snow that’s been trudged in and out of your vehicle. 
  • Emergency winter kit: this is your lifeline if you get stranded on the roadside and need to wait for assistance, as this kit should be prepared with all of your necessary tools and accessories for a time like this. These may include a phone charger, jumper cables, first-aid, non-perishable food, road flares and more to keep you safe and secure in less-than-favourable conditions. 
  • Remote engine starter: this item makes your life easier by remotely starting your engine from a distance. It can also automatically pre-heat the cabin, welcoming you with a warm and cozy space for when you’re ready to go. 
  • Windshield cover: this accessory provides the perfect way to cover your windshield in winter, preventing it from frosting and snow accumulation, especially when you park your car outside during sub-zero temperatures. 

If you want to shop any of these thoughtful winter accessories, please visit Terra Nova GMC Buick’s parts and accessories centre at 595 Kenmount Road, St. John’s, NB, today. Our product specialists can also help you find an accessory you may need for your Buick or GMC vehicle to enhance its performance, so get in touch with them by calling us at 1-(800)-463-4130.