How Do You Choose the Best Tires for Towing

A tire style available with GMC pickup trucks.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie pickup driver, towing always has its challenges.To make this demanding task a little less stressful but a lot easier and safer, the pickup drivers trust nothing but robust, well-aligned, and high-quality tires. These tires not only ensure smooth maneuvering on rugged terrains but also enhance your overall towing experience, making it a breeze. The specialty towing tires provide excellent traction on sloppy, bumpier, muddy and dry roads to ensure balance, on-road safety and performance. They make driving at highway speeds with a heavy trailer or RV more convenient and easier. Read on as the tire experts at Terra Nova Buick GMC take you through some key factors when shopping for the perfect towing tires for your pickup truck. Take a look! 

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What Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Towing Tires? 

Speed Rating 

One important factor to consider is a tire’s speed rating. This rating indicates the maximum speed a tire can handle safely. If you often drive on highways or at high speeds (within the set limit, of course), it’s essential to choose tires with a high-speed rating. These tires offer better control over your truck and absorb extra heat, providing excellent traction at higher speeds. 


When buying a new set of tires, it’s important to consider the treadwear. This term refers to how long a tire’s tread is expected to last under normal driving conditions. Look for a three-digit number on the tire to assess its treadwear rating or grade. A higher tread number indicates more durability, meaning the tire will last longer. Deeper treads also provide maximum traction or grip, allowing you to drive comfortably on slippery and uneven terrains.  

Load Rating

This helps determine a tire’s load capacity, meaning the higher the rating, the more load the tire can handle. It also conveys crucial information about a tire’s durability and performance at maximum air pressure. Moreover, a higher load rating not only promises maximum road safety but also provides you with peace of mind during your towing journeys. 

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