Expert-Recommended Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Ongoing auto inspection at a service centreGetting your car ready for winter is essential, as a properly maintained vehicle can help you get through challenging winter terrains safely and conveniently. Unlike summer, winter is especially hard on your vehicle, specifically on the engine, transmission system and battery, so make sure you plan ahead and follow some top winter auto maintenance tips suggested by the experts at Terra Nova GMC Buick to keep your vehicle in top shape throughout the demanding winter season. 

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Top Winter Car Care Tips 

  1. Install your winter tires early: Don’t wait for the winter season to switch back to your winter tires from summer or all-season tires. Instead, as soon as the temperatures start to hover below 7 degrees Celsius, that’s your cue to install your snow tires. This is also because during the beginning of the season, we often encounter light snow storms or rain that makes the roads slippery and challenging for drivers. So, you should install your winter tires at the earliest to avoid unnecessary hassle on the road, before it’s too late. 
  2. Get your car battery tested: No one would want to get stranded on a snow-covered road during the harsh winter, so you should get your car battery inspected by experts at the beginning of the cold season. If you need help with your car battery, visit our service centre, where you can meet our experienced technicians with years of experience caring for all kinds of vehicles. We also offer premium quality OEM batteries, so if you need a replacement, we have you covered. 
  3. Check your fluid levels: Regardless of the season, you should always keep up with your car’s fluid level. Be it engine oil, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and more. Make sure they are properly filled to the right levels for smooth functionality throughout the cold months. 

Book Your Auto Maintenance Service at Terra Nova Motors 

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