Survival Tips for a Winter Vehicle Breakdown

A car driving on a snowy road

Tips to Survive a Winter Breakdown

Driving in the winter can be dangerous because of the cold weather and wintery road conditions. If you want to make it through this winter safely, you’ll want to be prepared for anything, especially a vehicle breakdown. If your vehicle breaks down in the winter, the cold temperatures and long walks to get help can be deadly. If you know what to do, you’ll be able to make it through a winter vehicle breakdown safely if you happen to find yourself on the side of the road in a car that won’t start or has slid off the road. Keep reading to learn more about the survival tips you’ll need to make it through a vehicle breakdown this winter if it happens to you.

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How to Survive a Vehicle Breakdown in the Winter?

Follow the safety tips below, and you’ll have no problem surviving a vehicle breakdown this winter when it happens to you. Always be prepared for the worse, and you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Immediately call for help. By calling for help right away, you’ll be left stranded in your car for a shorter period of time which will help you survive a winter vehicle breakdown. Waiting too long or thinking someone will eventually pass by and help can be very dangerous.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle. For safety reasons, and for your best chance of survival, DO NOT leave your vehicle. By staying inside your vehicle, you’ll stay warm and protected from the dangerous weather conditions of winter. 
  • Turn on your vehicle’s emergency flashers. You’ll want to turn these on for a couple of reasons, with the first being that you want to notify other vehicles when they pass by that you’re in trouble and in need of help. The second reason is to make your vehicle as noticeable as possible, so other vehicles do not hit your car when driving by.
  • Put a “Help” sign in your vehicle’s window. By placing a sign that says “Help” in your window, you’re notifying other motorists of your emergency situation and that you need immediate help. Other drivers are more likely to stop and help if you post a sign.
  • Turn on your engine to stay warm. Before you do this, make sure that your vehicle’s tailpipe is exposed, so you don’t get exhaust fumes inside your car. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. By turning on your engine occasionally, you’ll be able to stay warm and safe. You won’t want to leave it running the whole time, just enough to stay warm while you wait for help to arrive. Remember, you don’t know how long it will take for someone to come so you’ll want to conserve your vehicle’s gasoline.

Follow these survival tips for a winter vehicle breakdown, and you’ll make it home safely. If you want to do everything you can to avoid an unexpected breakdown this winter, visit Terra Nova Buick GMC, and we’ll help you get your car ready for winter driving.

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