Safe Towing Tips and Tricks for Pickup Trucks

The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 pulling a trailer.

How Do You Make Towing Safer? 

Towing a small trailer, camper, or car can significantly affect the speed and performance of a vehicle. If you’re towing a bulkier or large item, you could feel a greater impact on your SUV or pickup truck. Also, the towing capacity of your vehicle plays a vital role in selecting the right trailer to tow behind. 

Moreover, towing is something that most people don’t do too often, meaning you need to be extremely careful while loading, hitching and driving the vehicle. Along with safety assistance and tips, drivers also require a specific skill set to safely tow a trailer, RV or other belongings to ensure maximum safety of yourself and others. Read to check out some safe towing tips for your next road adventure. 

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Five Tips for Safe Towing for Your Next Road Trip 

To help make your towing adventure a smooth-sailing experience, here are five tips for you to take into practice when hitting the road with your trailer. 

1. Check the Towing Capacity 

Use the owner’s manual to verify how much your vehicle can tow. Make sure the overall weight of the trailer with the items inside is less than the towing capacity while loading your SUV or pickup truck. This will ensure avoid overburdening your vehicle. 

2. Always Secure Your Load

Always fasten your cargo correctly to avoid unwanted accidents and ensure equal weight distribution. It is essential to check for the stability of your cargo to ensure they don’t move or collide with another vehicle while driving along bumpy road. 

3. Opt for the Right Hitch 

Nowadays, most vehicles come equipped with tow hitches, but finding the right tow hitch can be a task if you don’t have one. Look for a sturdy and stable option to ensure it holds your trailer or cargo safely. You can seek help from trained product specialists at Terra Nova GMC Buick for proper assistance and guidance in choosing the right tow hitch for your vehicle and towing needs. 

4. Check your Tires 

Make sure your vehicle and trailer have enough air in the tires before leaving. Underinflated vehicle tires can cause serious safety concerns.  

5. Adjust the Mirrors 

While towing a trailer, you will likely have several blind spots to be aware of. Use the side and rear mirror to avoid potential collisions due to those blind spots. If you’re lucky to have a new SUV or pickup truck like the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 with features like a Blind-Spot Monitoring System or rear-view mirror camera, use them to monitor the sides, front and rear of the road for maximum safety. 

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