Must-Buy Pickup Truck Accessories for Spring

2023 GMC Canyon on a rough terrain

Top Pickup Truck Accessories for Spring 

All Canadians anticipate the spring season to put winter in the rearview mirror, as it’s the perfect time to get out on the road and enjoy some fun adventures across the city and country. If you’re a pickup truck driver, you probably have been waiting for spring more than anyone else because spring is the perfect time to go off-roading and tow some of your favourite toys. At Terra Nova Motors, we’ve handpicked a selection of must-have accessories you should consider getting for your pickup truck to elevate your driving experience, ensuring comfort and enjoyment on every journey through spring and summer. Take a look!

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  • Tonneau cover: This essential accessory, available in hard and soft variants, is your reliable shield against dust, dirt, and other contaminants in your truck bed. The soft cover, with its easy fold-up design, is perfect for on-the-go protection. The hardcover, on the other hand, is ideal for safeguarding valuable cargo against harmful UV rays and unexpected showers, providing you with peace of mind on your journeys.
  • Grille guard: If you’re into travelling to unconventional places or deep into the wilderness, then you should invest in a grille guard, as it can protect your truck from costly or large-scale structural damages if you accidentally bump into trees, rough terrains or, sometimes, animals.
  • Mud flaps and floor liners: As the spring season encourages you to explore off-beaten paths, mud flaps and floor liners ensure your truck stays clean and comfortable – from inside out. Mud flaps shield your truck’s exterior from mud splashes, while the floor liners keep the interior spotless, offering a tidy and clear space for your safe spring rides. 
  • Toolbox: A must-have for any pickup truck driver, this accessory is your reliable companion in challenging road or driving situations. Equipped with all the essential tools and equipment, it ensures you’re prepared for any roadside emergency. 

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