How Often Should You Change Your Engine Oil?

A mechanic changing a car's engine oil

Oil Change Intervals

If you own a car, pickup truck or SUV, you surely know that your vehicle needs some maintenance to keep it running and performing properly. If you want your vehicle’s engine to keep giving you the reliability you desire, changing its oil is important to its lifespan and ability to protect its moving parts. But, how often should you change your vehicle’s engine oil? The information you’ll find here will help you determine how often you should change your engine oil and when you should do it. Keep reading to learn more about oil change frequency and intervals, so you can keep your engine protected.

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How Many Kilometres Can You Drive Before Changing Your Engine Oil?

In the past, vehicles needed to have their engine oil changed around the 5,000 kilometres mark. However, nowadays, that number has increased thanks to many factors, including new engine designs, oil chemistry, engine materials and fuel delivery systems. With these innovations, the amount of kilometres you can drive between oil changes has significantly increased. For newer model vehicles, the recommended interval between an oil change is now anywhere from 8,000 to 16,000 kilometres, depending on the vehicle you drive.

To learn more about how many kilometres your vehicle can drive before a recommended oil change, please see your owner’s manual for this important information. Knowing how many kilometres you can drive before changing your engine oil will help protect your vehicle’s engine and moving parts. Factors such as weather, driving conditions and driving habits can change the recommended oil change intervals, so be sure to speak with your local automotive service technician the next time you get an oil change.

If your vehicle needs an oil change, now is the perfect time to contact the service department at Terra Nova GMC Buick. Our team of service professionals will help you choose the right oil for your vehicle and help you determine the best interval of oil change frequency going forward. Schedule your next oil change appointment, today.

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