Why Are Winter Wiper Blades Important For Safe Driving During Cold Months?

'Winter' written on a car shield with snowWhen it comes to conquering harsh winter terrains, proper auto maintenance is key. And, as we’re in the peak winter season, it becomes critical to prioritize getting your car ready, including installing winter wiper blades to enjoy safe, clear visibility while driving. Winter wiper blades aren’t always car owners’ priorities; in fact, some often ignore them, but they actually play a crucial role in making things appear clear around you. At Terra Nova Motors, our expert technicians have come up with some solid reasons to convince you to upgrade to winter wiper blades, ensuring you remain safe on the road against impaired driving. Take a look! 

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What is the Difference Between Conventional Blades and Winter Blades?

Compared to the standard blades, winter wiper blades are specially engineered for harsh winter conditions. Unlike conventional blades that struggle in the winter season, winter blades often feature a protective rubber cover that prevents ice and snow accumulation on the windshield to help you safely get through tricky winter conditions. Moreover, winter wiper blades are sturdier and bigger than the standard ones to easily clear off thick layers of snow from the windshield. 

What Are the Top Benefits of Winter Wiper Blades?

  • The bigger size and thick rubber layer of winter wiper blades help to cut through ice and snow effectively
  • You will get minimized smearing and streaking problems that are common to conventional blades
  • Winter wiper blades exhibit excellent durability in cold temperatures
  • They are less prone to cracking and tearing

When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

Look for the following signs when you’re failing to get the desired result from your windshield wipers, as they may indicate the need to replace them with a new set: 

  • You experience weird chattering, skipping or squeaking sounds rather than the regular “swish-swish” one 
  • One, or both, of the wipers leave a band of water or streaks on your windshield
  • You notice splits on the windshield blades or the feel brittle

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