How You Can Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating in Summer

A technician checking a car's engineAs much as Canadians love summer, your car may not appreciate the season, especially when the temperature starts to soar. Summer can be tough on your car engine, and keeping it cool for smooth operation can be tricky for car owners. An overheating engine can damage the vehicle itself, as well as compromise the safety of the occupants. The expert technicians at Terra Nova GMC Buick have come up with some tested ways to help you prevent your vehicle from overheating in summer. Take a look!

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4 Ways to Keep Your Engine Cool This Summer 

  • Check the coolant level: Coolant is an antifreeze solution that keeps the engine temperature stable to offer optimum performance in all climates. To make sure your car remains topped up throughout the summer season, you must keep up with the engine coolant levels and flush/replace it when needed. 
  • Use the air conditioning system wisely: Aggressive use of the air conditioning system puts strain on your car engine. If possible, and when the weather allows, try to avoid keeping the a/c on for extended periods, or at least try to regulate its use. 
  • Tint the windshield and windows: Tinting the windows and windshield limits the sunlight entering your car and protects you against harmful UV rays. Alternatively, less cabin heat means a limited strain on the air conditioning system, which eventually helps the engine to deliver optimum performance.
  • Park your vehicle in the shade: If you don’t have access to a covered parking spot, you can try to park your vehicle under a tree or some kind of shade so that it limits hot air trapping inside the cabin and heat the space. 

Get Help from the Experts at Terra Nova GMC Buick

Got an engine overheating problem? Get in touch with the highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians at Terra Nova GMC Buick. Our technicians possess years of experience in dealing with all kinds of car issues and would be happy to assist you in getting your car maintained new-like.