What are the Top Tips To Prepare Your Car For Winter?

a car running on a snow-covered road

Top Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Winter 

Winter is tough on your car and its various components, so it is always recommended to prepare your vehicle ahead of time to drive safely through cold winter days. Moreover, winter can also affect the performance of your car, which may result in you being stranded on dark winter terrains or, even just facing a challenge to start your car. Preparing your car ahead of time includes many things, like switching to snow tires, getting your car battery inspected, and preparing a winter emergency kit. Follow the tips suggested by the experienced technicians at Terra Nova Buick GMC to get your vehicle ready for the challenging winter season.  

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Schedule Winter Auto Service

When you schedule a winter auto maintenance service at a trusted dealership like Terra Nova Motors, you get expert handling and a thorough vehicle inspection, ensuring it promises optimal performance in all conditions. Our experienced technicians evaluate tire treads, examine the battery, check fluid levels and perform many auto services to ensure your vehicle is ready for what comes its way on the road. 

Keep Up with Your Car Heater and Defroster

Winter in Newfoundland and Labrador is extreme, so ensure your vehicle’s heater and defroster are properly working. Both these systems warm your vehicle, circulate the warm air throughout the cabin, and stop the windshield and windows from fogging, so ignoring their smooth functionality may lead to hazardous results. 

Treat Your Car Doors and Window Seals

This means lubricating your car doors, hinges, locks, seals and latches with a silicone lubricating spray or rubber conditioner to ensure they don’t freeze shut in extreme winter conditions. 

Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit 

A survival kit is one of the most important things you should carry in your vehicle, as it is nearly impossible to predict what you may experience on challenging winter terrains. An emergency kit for winter mainly consists of different tools and accessories, like jumper cables, battery wires, tire chains, a wrench, windshield fluids, headlight bulbs, snacks, extra clothing and more to help you stay safe until assistance comes your way. 

Book a service appointment at Terra Nova Buick GMC, or visit our service department to learn more such tips to prepare your vehicle for the demanding winter season.