How to Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Technicians inspecting a carEvery time you transition into spring or summer from winter, you need to make specific changes in your routine, diet and probably ten other things. The same thing goes with your vehicle; it requires detailing and detailed maintenance to work efficiently after a cold and harsh snowy season. Undoubtedly, summer is much lighter on your vehicle than winter, mainly because you no longer have to deal with snow accumulation around the tires, windshield, or door locks. It’s time to restart your air conditioning system, air cabin filter oil change and inspect your engine to ensure your vehicle is ready for summer tires. To help your car prepare for the summer season, here are a few expert-recommended auto maintenance tips you should look forward to this summer season. 

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Top 3 Summer Auto Maintenance Tips 

  • Tire switch and inspection: Swapping back to summer tires during the warmer months is significant to enjoy a smooth and stress-free driving experience, especially on hot and dry road surfaces. Please note that you may not get the same handling, traction and fuel economy as with the summer tires, so don’t plan to keep your winter tires on throughout the summer. 
  • Engine inspection: Winter can be exhaustive for your car engine, damaging the hoses and rubber belts. So when you enter summer, inspect your car’s engine thoroughly to look for any cracks or signs of fraying and/or loosening on the engine belts. 
  • Keep up with the fluid levels: Seasonal transitions are the perfect cue for you to refill or check the fluid levels of different components of your car, including the engine, air conditioning system, cabin filters, power steering, brake and transmission. All you need to do is refuel them or check the levels of fluids to enjoy stress-free summer driving. 

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