How to Clean Your Car in Winter?

a man cleaning his car in winter
Caring for your car in winter goes beyond regular auto maintenance, refilling windshield fluid, and inspecting the battery, it also needs proper cleaning to prevent rusting, premature wear and worn-out parts. The experts at Terra Nova GMC Buick recommend effective and tested ways to clean your vehicles in winter to enjoy optimized performance. Take a look! 

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5 Effective Ways To Clean Your Vehicle During Winter 

  1. Avoid scrubbing your car in winter as the grinding particles like winter salt, sand, or dust may leave scratches; instead, use a foamy car soap or liquid detergent that is more gentle on your car’s exterior and helps eliminate the rigid dirt particles effectively.
  2. Due to salt or moisture accumulation, your car doors, windows, hood hinges, and latches become susceptible to premature wear and rusting. To prevent that, our experts recommend putting wax or grease on all these parts. You can use premium-quality industry-grade car wax or white lithium grease, which is gentle on your vehicle’s exterior.
  3. In winter, your car’s cabin air filters become prone to dirt, debris and salt, so you should always keep an eye on your car air filters and consider replacing them to ensure they effectively filter out pollen, dust and other contaminants.
  4. Like the interior of your car, taking care of the underbody is significant, too, especially when it doesn’t have a protective coating because the continuous splashes and rubbing from debris and road salt can rust it. So, be sure to consistently clean the salt and dirt from the underbody by spraying it down.
  5. Winter floor protection is an important aspect of caring for your car in winter. Remember to thoroughly clean your floor mats and cargo liners to eliminate dirt, salt and other particles that may damage the car floor.

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