How Do You Get Your Car Ready for Fall or Winter Driving?

An SUV moving through challenging terrain covered in snow

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Changing Season 

From installing the right set of four winter tires to keeping a check on the windshield washer reservoirs, there are a few things that you should keep at the top of your mind to prepare your vehicle for the winter season. Autumn is the perfect season that gives you the time to get your vehicle ready, as the colder temperature affects your vehicle in different ways. Learn from the skilled product specialists and experts here at Terra Nova Buick GMC how you can prepare your vehicle for the upcoming challenging winter season.  

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Tips to Prepare Your Car For Winter  

Keep in mind the following tips to get through the freezing temperature, ice and snow smoothly and efficiently by preparing yourself and your car ahead of time.

Swapping to winter tires

Switching to winter tires is the first thing you should do to prepare for winter driving. Winter tires provide stability and balance to the vehicle, making getting through sloppy and slushy roads easier and more comfortable. In fact, a rugged set of winter tires prevent you from drifting away from your lanes by offering three times more traction than your usual all-season or summer tires. 

Schedule a maintenance checkup

Routine maintenance service before the winter season helps check your battery, lights, fuses, brakes, heating and air conditioning systems, hoses, and other important components. It also ensures whether the valves are properly managed or not because valve caps tend to shrink in freezing temperatures. 

Prepare a winter survival kit

You can’t predict what may come your way when driving through inclement and unpredictable winter conditions, so you should prepare an emergency survival kit. This kit may include a wheel wrench, battery jumper cables, windshield scraper, fuel line antifreeze and extra windshield washer fluid. Additionally, it might be wise to pack some extra pairs of gloves, mittens, boots, emergency snacks, as well as some warm blankets and a compact shovel. Help will come, but it may take a little while.

Lubricate doors, latches and locks

Before the freezing temperatures hit, take some time to lubricate the vehicle’s doors, hinges, door locks and window seals. You can opt for a silicone lubricating compound that works best on mechanical and rubber components without affecting their functionality. 

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