DIY Hacks: How to Get Car Bumper Dents Removed at Home

a small dent in the rear bumper of a carNo matter how safely you drive or park your car, it always remains susceptible to dents and dings. A minor accident, collision, fall branches, or parking mishap are common reasons behind a bumper dent. But you don’t have to worry about such minor dings or dents, as you can remove them at home with some available household tools, thanks to tested and effective DIY tips recommended by the expert technicians at Terra Nova GMC Buick. But, if you don’t think you can take out the bumper dents by yourself, you can always visit our service centre to get help from our skilled technicians. Let’s take a look at these do-it-yourself tips to remove car dents. 

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4 DIY Tips To Remove Bumper Dents at Home

  • Boiling water: This can be your best friend to get a car bumper fixed in just a few minutes. All you need to do is pour boiling water on the affected area and gently push the dent back in. Because most car bumpers are made of plastic, boiling water makes the material flexible, helping it to return to its natural shape. 
  • Cup plunger: Nothing works better than a cup plunger to create a vacuum around a dent. You can pour hot water on the dent and use the plunger to pull and push the plunger to remove the dent. 
  • Vacuum cleaner: This common household cleaning item removes the need for expensive dent pullers when dealing with small to medium car bumper dents. Simply add a bucket or small pot-like container (the same size as the dent) to the vacuum cleaner using an adhesive or tape. The suction will help you fix the bumper in no time. 
  • Hair Dryer: The heat from a hair dryer works the same way as boiling water. You can pair the hair dryer with a compressor to put pressure on the dent, helping the plastic to expand and, eventually, get back to its standard shape. 

Get Your Car Dents Removed at Terra Nova Motors 

Do you still need expert help to get rid of car bumper dents? Contact the highly skilled and experienced technicians at Terra Nova GMC Buick, who use only the best industry practices and OEM recommendations to fix car-related problems, including bumper dents. Call us at  1-(800)-463-4130 to schedule a service appointment, today!