Get Your Truck Ready to Work With the Best Towing Tires Available

A tire style available with GMC pickup trucks.

Why Do You Need the Best Tires for Towing?

Towing is a challenging task that requires sturdy, high-quality and well-aligned tires to ensure a smooth operation, especially while driving across tough terrains. For most drivers, towing is not a regular business, meaning they need to be extra careful to ensure safe towing practices. You need the right tires for towing because standard tires cannot withstand heavy loads and the weight of a trailer or camper. Specialty towing tires provide great traction on sloppy, bumpier, muddy and dry roads to ensure balance, on-road safety and performance. They make driving at highway speeds with a heavy trailer more convenient and easier. Visit the Terra Nova Buick GMC showroom to learn how you can find the best tires for towing.

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Key Factors to Look at While Shopping for Towing Tires 

Speed Rating 

Speed rating plays a significant role in determining which tires to buy, especially when driving at highway speed. Look for tires with a high-speed rating for better control over the vehicle. Moreover, tires above a Q-speed rating absorb extra heat and offer great traction while driving at higher speeds. 


A tire’s treadwear determines how frequently you need to replace the tire. Find a three-digit number on a tire to determine its treadwear rating or grade. A higher tread number means more durability and vice versa. With deeper treadwear, you get maximum traction or grip to drive comfortably on wet or uneven roads. When you’re planning on towing a heavy load, be sure to check the tire treadwear depth and wear conditions. 

Load Rating

Load rating helps you determine the load capacity of a tire, the higher the rating the more load the tire can tow. Though load rating doesn’t really affect the load capacity, it conveys information about a tire’s durability and performance at maximum air pressure. A higher load rating also promises maximum road safety. 

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