What Are the Benefits of Trading In Your Car?

Car trade in
It is a common dilemma among drivers to wonder what to do with their current car, SUV, crossover or pickup truck while looking for a new one. While some opt for private selling, most prefer to trade their vehicle to a dealership because it is much easier and hassle-free. Trading in your car has many advantages, including tax savings and insurance benefits. Moreover, a trusted dealership like Terra Nova GMC Buick gives the industry’s best value so that you can make the most while trading in your car. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of trading in your existing vehicle here at Terra Nova Motors, your local Buick and GMC retailer, serving in and around St. John’s, NL, area. 

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Advantages of Car Trade-In

  • Saves Time: Private selling is time-consuming; you need to advertise the vehicle, communicate with a potential buyer, do the paperwork, and much more. Whereas, in trade-in, you can sit back and relax while dealership representatives take care of the job. 
  • Easy Trade-In Appraisal: Don’t have time to visit the dealership? You can fill out the trade-in appraisal form online at the comfort of your couch. 
  • Tax Savings: Do the simple math; when you trade in your vehicle, its value will be deducted from the total price of the new car, which means you only have to pay tax on the remaining amount. 

How to Make the Most While Trading In Your Vehicle?

Some helpful tips to look for to maximize the value of your trade-in: 

  • Keep up with routine auto service and maintenance
  • Ensure the car is equipped with OEM parts and accessories 
  • Make sure the vehicle runs smoothly and has no engine/powertrain problems

Trade In Your Car At Terra Nova Motors

Besides being home to the widest inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles from Buick and GMC, we also buy cars at Terra Nova GMC Buick. Just fill out our trade-in appraisal form below to get started with our easy and stress-free trade-in process.