How Much Passenger and Cargo Space Is in the 2023 GMC Acadia SUV?

2023 GMC Acadia interior passenger and cargo Space

2023 GMC Acadia Passenger and Cargo Space

The auto industry is filled with choices when shopping for a new three-row SUV, but if you want the best and most spacious, the 2023 GMC Acadia is the SUV you’ll want to drive. Besides offering three rows of seating and room for seven passengers, the 2023 GMC Acadia also has a generous amount of rear cargo space that comes in handy when you need to haul large items or a lot of luggage. With a long list of safety features and all the family features you’ll need on the road, the spacious 2023 GMC Acadia is a top pick for a new three-row SUV. Keep reading to learn more about how much passenger and cargo space is available in the 2023 GMC Acadia.

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How Many Passengers Can Fit Inside the 2023 GMC Acadia?

If you’re looking for a new SUV that can carry up to seven passengers while also offering the comfort features they need to enjoy every drive, the 2023 GMC Acadia is a perfect choice. With plenty of space available for each passenger space and a long list of comfort features, the 2023 GMC Acadia has everything you and your passengers need for an enjoyable driving experience every time you hit the road. Below, you’ll find the headroom, legroom, shoulder room and hip room for each of the three rows of seating inside the 2023 GMC Acadia SUV.

2023 GMC Acadia Passenger Space:

Headroom (front) (mm/in) 1,016 / 40
Headroom (middle) (mm/in) 1,006 / 39.6
Headroom (rear) (mm/in) 945 / 37.2
Legroom (front) (mm/in) 1,041 / 41
Legroom (middle) (mm/in) 1,008 / 39.7
Legroom (rear) (mm/in) 754 / 29.7
Shoulder Room (front) (mm/in) 1,509 / 59.4
Shoulder Room (middle) (mm/in) 1,491 / 58.7
Shoulder Room (rear) (mm/in) 1,379 / 54.3
Hip Room (front) (mm/in) 1,415 / 55.7
Hip Room (middle) (mm/in) 1,354 / 53.3
Hip Room (rear) (mm/in) 1,090 / 42.9
Seating Capacity 7

How Much Cargo Space Does the 2023 GMC Acadia Have?

The 2023 GMC Acadia SUV offers a large and spacious interior that offers an incredible amount of rear cargo space. From carrying tall, wide and bulky items to long and heavy pieces of cargo, the 2023 GMC Acadia can do it with ease. Below, you can see how much cargo space is available behind each row of seats in the 2023 GMC Acadia.

2023 GMC Acadia Cargo Space:

Cargo Volume (Behind 1st Row) (L/cu-ft) 2,237 / 79
Cargo Volume (Behind 2nd Row) (L/cu-ft) 1,181 / 41.7
Cargo Volume (Behind 3rd Row) (L/cu-ft) 362 / 12.78

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