2022 GMC Canyon Offers Powerful Towing and Hauling Capacities in the Mid-Size Pickup Truck Segment

2022 GMC Canyon towing a trailer

2022 GMC Canyon Towing and Hauling Capacities

The 2022 GMC Canyon is a mid-size pickup truck that offers powerful towing and hauling capacities thanks to the availability of three different engine options that provide a wide range of horsepower and torque ratings. No matter which engine option you choose, your new 2022 GMC Canyon will be able to deliver the towing power you need to pull a large trailer and haul a heavy payload. With the perfect combination of power, efficiency and trailering capability, the 2022 GMC Canyon is an easy pick for a new pickup truck. Keep reading to learn more about the tow rating and payload capacity of the 2022 GMC Canyon at Terra Nova GMC Buick.

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2022 GMC Canyon Tow Rating

The 2022 GMC Canyon delivers an impressive tow rating in every trim level and with all three engine options. No matter which of the 2022 GMC Canyon’s engine options you pick, you’ll get the towing power you need to pull your trailer. Below, you’ll find all three available engine options and each of their maximum towing capacities. Which engine is the right one for you?

2.5L I4 Gas Engine: 1,588 kg (3,500 lbs.)

3.6L V6 Gas Engine: 3,175 kg (7,000 lbs.)

2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel: 3,493 kg (7,700 lbs.)

2022 GMC Canyon Towing Features

The 2022 GMC Canyon can tow with ease and do it more safely than other mid-size pickups, thanks to several available towing features and a trailering package. View the list of 2022 GMC Canyon towing features below.

  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller
  • Diesel Exhaust Brake
  • StabiliTrak with Trailer Sway Control

2022 GMC Canyon Payload Capacity

The 2022 GMC Canyon offers an impressive payload capacity no matter which engine option or cab style you choose. View the maximum payload capacities of the 2022 GMC Canyon below and learn more about what each engine has to offer.

2.5L I4 Gas Engine: 662 kg (1,460 lbs.) 

3.6L V6 Gas Engine: 715 kg (1,578 lbs.) 

2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel: 666 kg (1,470 lbs.)

There is a lot to learn about the 2022 GMC Canyon. Make an appointment with one of our product experts, today.

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